Virtual Reception Area
  • Place you mouse curser on the reception image and hold the mouse button down. Pan left or right by dragging your mouse cursor on the image. The arrows keys on your keyboard will also perform the same task. Make sure the mouse cursor is on parked on the image when using your keyboard.

  • The picture frame has zoom capabilities. Please click on the + or - at the bottom left corner of the image frame to zoom in or out. The keyboard may also be used for zoom control. Push "Ctrl" to zoom in and the "Shift" to zoom out while the mouse cursor is placed on the image. Note: If you are zoomed in then you are also able to pan up and down by dragging you mouse or using the arrow keys.

  • The image has "hotspots". You will notice the mouse cursor will change when you are over one of the hotspots on the a building image. When you click the mouse button while on a hotspot the related area description will appear beside the reception image. If you wish you could reveal all the hotspots by clicking on the control Reveal Hotspots at the bottom of the image frame.

Please note: You need Quicktime installed for this virtual site to operate.